South Bay Association of Chambers of Commerce

The South Bay Association of Chambers of Commerce (SBACC) is a regional association of Chambers dedicated to advancing public policy initiatives and regional issue advocacy for businesses and industries in the South Bay of Los Angeles County. Since inception in 1979, the SBACC has been an impactful voice for both small business advocacy and complex policy issues that affect highly regulated industries of the South Bay area, including aerospace, energy, and hospitality. As technology has evolved at a rapid pace over the past 40 years, the South Bay area has seen an explosive growth in small business startups and technology-driven corporations, leading to further necessity for intentional industry oversight and legislative guidance for local Chambers of Commerce and the businesses they serve.

CSUDH STEM and Innovation Building in October 2019

To date, SBACC continues to represent and advance the public policy interests of seventeen chambers of commerce ranging from Long Beach north to Westchester. The South Bay is a diverse region featuring some of the world’s most renowned global business operations, including the nation’s largest port complex, robust national aerospace companies, a thriving hospitality industry, and a large and diverse oil and energy sector. Together, the members of the SBACC provide the leading advocacy voice for the regional business community of one of the most economically prosperous and culturally diverse regions in the entire nation.

The SBACC provides local Chambers the tools, resources, and public policy guidance to ensure the economic powerhouse of the South Bay continues to provide job growth for the South Bay region, with positive regulatory oversight and environmentally friendly public policy that enrich the State’s business sector as a whole.


Vision &


The vision of the SBACC is to gather area Chambers of Commerce together to serve as the collective voice of regional issue advocacy in the South Bay, representing the industries of aerospace, hospitality, energy, and small business owners of the South Bay region.

Our Purpose

  •  To promote coordination, cooperation, and advancement of the common business interests of local Chambers of Commerce within the South Bay area.
  • To serve as a public policy advocacy body on issues that impact the business and economic climate of the South Bay.
  • To provide a forum and structure for cooperative educational programs and services that benefit the collective members of the participating local Chambers of Commerce, without competing with program initiatives of member Chambers.
  • To prevent economic stagnation and promote job creation within the South Bay region.
  •  To provide resources for struggling businesses as they navigate pandemic-related challenges, including layoffs, closures, or financial instability.