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2022 Policy Platform

Our Mission

The South Bay Association of Chambers of Commerce (SBACC) is an association of Chambers of Commerce dedicated to regional issue advocacy in the South Bay.

Our Vision

Is to enhance the region’s emerging role in the global economy through the South Bay’s diverse industrial base and highly skilled workforce.

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2022 Strategic Initiatives 

Economic Recovery and Reopening

Objective- Advocate for policies that enhance California’s business climate and promote entrepreneurship, job creation, and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic for both large corporations and small businesses.

  • Labor Costs: SBACC supports striking a balance between employees’ expectations to be treated fairly with employers’ abilities to stay in business.
  • Workforce Development: SBACC supports training for the next generation workforce by keeping a well-trained and prepared workforce is critical to the region’s economic vitality. As technologies are developed workers will need a new range of skills.
  •  Wage Laws and Taxation: Support equitable, sustainable tax system that lessens the burden on the business community and work towards fair reopening / recovery strategy that do not overly burden the small businesses in the South Bay.
  • Worker’s Compensation: Advocate restructuring of the worker’s compensation formulas to allow small business to remain competitive despite new reopening laws both locally and statewide.

Resources and Regional Infrastructure

Objective- Ensuring the State of California sustains an up-to-date infrastructure system which keeps our businesses and communities thriving. A solid commitment to infrastructure investment from federal, state, and local partners is critical to South Bay’s economic vitality.

  • Transportation Infrastructure: SBACC supports transportation infrastructure projects, including broadband and supply chain investments which increases mobility on the region’s roadways and overall transportation system and aide our good movement sector.
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  • Energy Infrastructure: SBACC advocate for reliable sources of affordable and diverse energy production. Industry requires flexibility to determine the best energy solutions while at the same time long term planning necessitates stability in our energy markets.
  • Water Infrastructure: SBACC support projects that secure California’s water supplies. It is critical to the South Bay business community that we actively support public policies to ensure the long-term reliability of water supplies from both the State Water Project and the Colorado River and support public policies that protect local investments in reliable, drought-resilient.

Housing and Homeless

Objective- Support policies and regulatory frameworks that promote the highest and best land use practices for meeting California’s housing, community infrastructure, recreation, business facility, and open space needs while preserving the quality of life in the South Bay through a robust eye towards local control.

  • Homeless Housing: Advocate for housing that incorporates components of housing for veterans and the homeless to better revitalize the South Bay’s commercial corridors.
  • Mental Health: Advocate for getting chronically homeless individuals off the streets and into permanent housing, where they can access services to address mental and physical problems.
  • Workforce Housing: Support a diversified housing stock that can allow for middle class workers to afford to live near their place of employment and incentivizes companies to locate in the South Bay.

Aerospace and Defense Industry

Objective- Ensure the aerospace industry remains a key economic sector in the South Bay.

  • The Los Angeles Air Force Base (LAAFB) – Continue to pursue programs and efforts to keep the LAAFB in the South Bay, including a formal P4 partnership and the further development of the Base Retention Committee.
  • Workforce – Continue to promote programs that retain and create aerospace jobs in our region and ensure that the industry has the necessary skilled workforce through educational programs.
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  • Aviation: SBACC supports programs that capitalize on our region’s innovative aerospace industry and projects that improve movement of passengers and cargo in and out of local airports.
  • Ballot Initiatives: SBACC supports fiscally sound ballot measures that address critical needs and realistically have taken into account the possible impacts on our economy.
  • Budgeting: SBACC supports transparent budget decisions that are based on realistic projections with long-term goals in mind.
  • Education: SBACC supports educational training, workforce development and skilled labor programs to assist South Bay businesses to meet future workforce demands.
  • Energy: SBACC supports reliable sources of affordable and diverse energy supplies, including renewable sources and conservation.
  • Environmental Regulations: SBACC supports regulatory reforms that fully consider environment impacts but are not misused against projects as political strategies.
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)- Champions the modernization to CEQA to limit abuse.
  • Goods Movement: SBACC supports projects to improve the delivery of goods throughout our region to allow imports and exports to affordably flow through our region cost effectively and environmentally efficient.
  • International Trade: SBACC supports trade and tourism initiatives to spur commerce and to strengthen the region’s leading position in the global economy.
  • Labor Costs: SBACC supports striking a balance between employees’ expectations to be treated fairly with employers’ abilities to stay in business.
  • Land Use: SBACC supports a balanced approach to addressing workforce housing demands, creating new jobs, protecting industrial and commercial zones as well as preserving open space and our unique quality of life.
  • Los Angeles Air Force Base: SBACC supports retaining the Air Force Base here in the South Bay.
  • Litigation: SBACC supports reforms to California’s litigious environment so employers and public agencies are protected against costly, frivolous lawsuits.
  • Pensions: SBACC supports reducing the public’s tax liability on unrealistic, unfunded pension plans and encourages long term remedies to ensure fiscal health.
  • Taxation: SBACC supports reducing the high tax burden on businesses as well as a tax/fee structure that does not put South Bay businesses at a competitive disadvantage.
  • Telecommunications: SBACC supports growth of technology to provide our region with access to all forms of communication tools to enhance the South Bay’s diverse job sectors as well as the military, residents, and schools.
  • Transporation: SBACC supports innovative funding solutions to accommodate increased mobility on the region’s roadways and overall transportation system.
  • Waste Mangement: SBACC supports realistic, fair and consistent water discharge requirements as well as policies on solid waste management so that the collection, transport, processing and disposal of solid waste is conducted with minimal impacts to our beaches and businesses.
  • SBACC supports a long-term, comprehensive state water plan that is reliable and includes conservation, new supply, reclamation, storage and conveyance that is equitable for all Californians.
  • Workplace Standards: SBACC supports efforts to make California’s workplace standards more competitive with the rest of the nation.
  • Workforce Training: The SBACC supports efforts for federal workforce training as a cornerstone for a successful reopening strategy.